Near the town of Cognac,
the vineyard Jean NoŰl Collin
is located at the heart of
Large Champagne, first
vintage of the Cognac.

Of a surface of 24 hectares, this vineyard is cultivated
on the slopes limestones surrounding the village of Salles
d'Angles. This allied situation with under very calcareous
ground and an exceptional, typical sunning to this
area gives grapes to work out wines of character. The
encÚpagement traditional one comprises 96 % of white
Ugni and 4 % of Colombard.

Distilled carefully in a still charentais by the practice of the double distillation according to ancestral processes'

Alliance dun soil, of a climate, un encÚpagement traditional, un to know to make of vine grower gives Cognacs and of Pineaux of Charentes produced into Large Champagne which will allure the consumer. All is joined together so that these slopes of Large Countryside invite the gourmets to discover alleviating landscapes and to taste rare products, authentic and qualities.