PINEAU des CHARENTES Jean Noel Collin exists in two varieties.

White Pineau resulting from the type of vines Ugni and Colombard.
Elaborate Rosy Pineau with the type of vines Merlot and Honest Cabernet

It is recommended to taste these pineaux in glass tulip which lets get clear all the aromas. They are consumed struck towards 5 at 6 ' C. They then give all the generosity of an exceptional soil

Pineau Rosť of color ruby has a very fruity nose. This fruity is found in mouth with with dimensions very red fruits and cores. Of a large smoothness one finds brandies of Cognac entering his composition. Aperitif companion it becomes at the end of the meal a wine of exceptional dessert in particular on pastry makings and especially pastry makings with the chocolate

White Pineau, d!une yellow color straw discrete with the nose has very floral aromas. This Pineau opens out in mouth, with nuances of fresh grapes, nut and of almond, it has a powerful high content in sugar. It is been useful out of aperitif. Pineau of Charentes Blanc will accompany by the meals, foie gras, white meats, sauce fish. It can be contained in very fine met (mouclade, rabbit, shells St Jacques) It finds also its place in delicious cocktails.